We are a Montana born and raised, local family owned and operated company with two small yards just outside the town of Geyser. We try to maintain a modest yet complete inventory of the most popular units with a few oddities here and there, but our availability can change weekly if not daily.

If you are looking for a weather tight rodent proof storage container, steel storage, mobile storage, hay shed, tack room, mini mobile, feed bin, tool shed, conex, certified shipping container, out building, mouse proof storage, bunkhouse, intermodal, cabin, root cellar, dry box, bear proof storage, ocean container, steel storage, junk room, man cave, she shed, shop, shipping container, steel storage container, secure storage, or bridges look no further!

Overseas shipping containers make the best weather tight & rodent proof storage for the money. We can get them in nearly any size, color, & condition to suit your needs & budget. Prices of our most popular units typically start under $4000 including delivery withing 50 miles of our yards near Geyser, but we can deliver anywhere. Lengths we stock are 8', 10', 20', 40', 45'' & 53'.  Width and height vary although internally most are 7.5' square.  Want something a little unique? We are lucky to have Jergens Welding of Shelby, MT available to prefab just about anything prior to delivery or come to you & customize; we do however strongly recommend leaving containers & flat racks as-is to maintain their original seal and integrity.

Overseas flat racks make equally impressive bridges to replace those outdated wooden bridges & culverts that break down and/or wash out over time. We stock 20' & 40' lengths which are 8' wide and 14" to 24" thick with 1.5" hardwood decking, each rated for a 32 to 50 ton net load.

Our prices can vary rapidly with changes in steel, fuel, & maintenance costs as well as availability. We try to stay on top of the ever-changing market to pass along the best prices possible while providing a dependable service to our past, present, and future customers. Please remember that pricing and availability can quickly change & that numbers often reflect quality. Below is a generic price list that can vary, but best reflects the prices we currently offer and have experienced in over 14 years of business. Sizes shown are outside dimensions; internal dimensions can also vary.

*8' long by 6' or 7' tall & wide new: $2800-$3200

*20' long by 8' wide by 8'6" or 9'6" tall damaged, weather tight used, & new with options: $2000-$5800

*40' long by 8' wide by 8'6" or 9'6" tall damaged, weather tight used, & new with options: $3600-$7800

*45' long by 8' wide by 9'6" tall damaged & weather tight used: $3800-$5400

*53' long by 8'6" wide by 9'6" tall weather tight used: $5200-$6800

Bring a trailer and pick one out at the yard; we're happy to load, or......

Our patriotic arrangement of 20s

... We can deliver and drop your choice at the site you want!!!

We have a modest but complete selection of containers from one-trip "new" condition to good, rough used, and damaged "project" units.

One-Trip containers are basically new. They are built overseas, loaded with freight and shipped to the U.S. for resale. These are the beige, tan, and gray units (we can get other colors too...depending on availability we sometimes have green, blue, white, charcoal, and even camo) pictured which obviously look new compared to other used containers. We stock several of these in 8' 20' & 40' lengths in several configurations including doors in both ends and/or high cube heights which are one foot taller than standard. We also have full open side units readily available although not typically in stock because of low demand and high cost.

Used containers do have dents, surface rust, patches, obvious signs of use, and can be up to 15+ years old but don't let that scare you. We sell cheaper as-is units, better wind and water tight units, and grade A cargo worthy units. Our 14+ years experience has shown that our customers typically prefer either inexpensive OR new, so those are what we primarilystock.